SoloCoin – App Guide

Solocoin rewards you to stay at home during the COVID pandemic. Its primary purpose is to keep you safe while entertained by rewarding you in virtual coins which you can redeem it for coupons. You can compete nearby users or globally via leaderboards. They can also participate in daily challenges, share their milestones across social-media.

SoloCoin is an app that rewards users in virtual coins to engage in social-distancing, based on their location to their home. It’s basically an app that rewards users according to their proximity/location. (using the tech of GPS, Geofencing, and Accelerometer – to track whether the phone is put on idle or not – awards will be rewarded only when the user is using the phone). If their smartphone is within a certain radius (~20m) to a reward hotspot (Geofencing reward location), then the app will reward them with virtual coins that they can later redeem for “Partner Coupons”. These partners can be SMBs, Local businesses, and any online B2C businesses from E-commerce, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Health, etc.

In order to get rewarded, it’s mandatory to enable Location access the time you are using the app.

Our app rewards, nudges, and drives beneficial consumer behavior. This will help post-COVID to accelerate economic recovery in local communities. They can also compete with nearby players for achievements and badges which they can later share with their friends.


Daily Quiz – You will get one question every two hours. If you answer correctly then you’ll get 50 coins.

Weekly Quiz – You will get 5-10 questions every Sunday. If you answer correctly then you’ll get coins based on your correct answers.

Share and Earn

Share the app to your friends. Get 50 coins per successful referral.


Redeem the coins for coupons listed in the rewards section. Use the “Redeem Now” button and if you have sufficient coins, then you’ll see a coupon code that you can use in partner online stores.


You can see the levels you’ve reached and the coins needed to reach the next level.


You can track your ranking for social-distancing with global users. Compete for a better rank and get recognized.


Achieve milestones and get recognized with badges. You can share these badges across social-media and brag about it.

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